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Choosing the right Trampoline: Vuly Trampolines

Vuly trampolines are the safest most reliable trampoline on the market!

Vuly is the benchmark of international trampoline excellence. Recognised all over the world as the original Trampoline Institution, Vuly provides the finest trampoline products and accessories to those who dream of bouncing perfection.

Vuly makes round trampolines using both traditional coiled springs, and leaf springs, a new technology with a better safety profile and better bounce! Vuly trampolines also have the highest net with tight-knit patterns to prevent finger entrapment. Vuly’s trampolines are well designed and aspire to be the safest and best-performing trampolines on the market. 

That is why here at 1st Choice NOW, we have Vuly Trampolines!

You too can now experience the safety of a Vuly trampoline, without having to spend hundreds of dollars up front. Vuly bring quality and innovation back into an industry of cheap trampoline with poor design. Being designed in Australia for the conditions in your backyard, you can be assured that you have the safest trampoline for your children on the market today.

Vuly frames hold a massive 150kgs as most users prefer to be able to share their bouncing with a friend.

Vuly strive to maintain the most satisfied customers for life and as perfection is not always the easiest thing to achieve, the Vuly customers service staff are open 7 days a week to ensure your children can bounce safely every day of the week.

With no expensive upfront costs, why not get a new Vuly Trampoline today, we have 8 foot, 10 Foot, 12 Foot and 14 Foot Trampolines.

How to set up your Vuly Trampoline

How to install your Vuly trampoline

More information on trampolines visit vuly.com.au