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PlayStation5: The Best Console Yet

The PlayStation5 is Sony’s latest game console, and it is one of the most powerful pieces of hardware on the market. It offers an incredible range of entertainment options—from awesome games to excellent streaming capabilities.
The PlayStation5 has been in such high demand that it is difficult to find, even two years after its release. The cause of this surge in popularity was a combination of chip shortages and gamers’ desire for the next-generation experience.

Why the Fuss?

From its 4K graphics to lightning-fast loading speeds, the PlayStation5’s experience is unlike any other console we’ve seen in gaming. The DualSense controller sets it above all others as well—with motion recognition, gyroscope and microphone sensitivity settings you can customize individually for each game!

The new controller for the PS5 delivers an unparalleled gaming experience, thanks to haptic feedback that lets you feel every step, gunshot and surrounding movement. This is simply the best controller out today, and far ahead of any competitors.


Digital or Disc?

Currently, there are two versions available: a disc edition and a digital edition. Since the digital version is cheaper, it tends to sell out quickly.

The PlayStation5 Digital Edition is slightly smaller than the standard console because it lacks a disc drive. The PS5 Digital Edition and the Disc Version of Sony’s next-gen console are both good options, so it’ll come down to your personal preferences. If you plan to purchase all of your PS5 games online, then it may be worth saving money and space with the PS5 Digital Edition.

However, it’s worth keeping in mind that you’ll never be able to purchase and play physical games on the PS5 Digital Edition, including any retail titles you may have purchased for the PS4.


Worth the Upgrade?

If you’re thinking about upgrading, even if your current system works, it’s worth considering the benefits of upgrading. The biggest benefit is undoubtedly having access to exclusive games that are only available on the new console.

While graphics are usually the showcase for a new generation’s games, this past jump has seen the solid-state drive (SSD) and DualSense controller as the features to take the spotlight.

It’s easy to undersell how revolutionary the SSD feels. PC users have known for years how big a quality-of-life improvement SSDs can be, so it’s great that console gamers are now getting a taste. You won’t have to spend time browsing your phone as games load, as you’ll now only have to wait a couple of seconds to go from the menu to in-game.

The PS5 will have a couple of really solid features for those who are still playing games on older consoles, like the PS4. One of the most impressive aspects about the PS5, as well as one of the most surprising, was seeing how it handled backwards compatibility for the majority of PS4 games. If you still have a lot of PS4 titles in your backlog, there’s a good chance that if you play them on PS5, they’ll run even better


With this kind of power under its hood, it’s no wonder why so many people are excited about this console! Looking forward to seeing what other features Sony will bring out next for this revolutionary next-gen console.

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